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Castle Clash is a style of game similar to Clash Of Clans and Boom Beach.

There is three ranks of heroes




To hire a hero your town hall must be level three. You can hire them a lot of ways, but you need a hero altar and a warehouse to get them. (I'll explain the ware house later)

At the Hero altar you can hire a hero though Honor Badges, Gems, and Hero Shards. (I'll explain all three later) When you have a hero you can consume other heroes to rise there skill. Heroes all have different skills. Some do a lot of damage, some heal, rise stats, and some heal and do damage. Heroes also have talents which you can roll for different ones. There are different classes of heroes Mage, Physical, Healer, and Tank. All four have there advantages and disadvantages.

Mage- Good for far distance damage, but does a little amount of damage.

Healer- raises friendly troops health or stats, but does little damage to foes.

Physical- Good for dealing a high amount of damage, but towers can shoot them easier and they take more damage.

Tank- Good for there high amount of health, but bad for there low speed. (Before you can attack a tower the tower has almost beat you in a good raid.)


Hero Shards- You can get these through the daily challenges, here be monsters, and the warehouse. Used to hire heroes or to donate to your guild.

Gold- One of the two most important things. Gold can be used to upgrade, buy spells, and donate(Through the billboard)

Mana- The second most important thing. Mana can be used to upgrade, hire troops, and donate at the bill board.

Gems- Gems are used to skip upgrades, to hire heroes, and to buy things in the shop. They can be obtained through daily challenges, you can buy them with real cash, or you can get them by achievements.