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DOS, Windows, Mac, Mac OS X, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360 and OnLive

First release

Fallout, September 30th 1997

Latest release

Fallout: New Vegas, October 19th 2010

Fallout is an apocalyptic RPG series that was created by Interplay Entertainment. It has seen release on many platforms, including the OnLive. It gained mainstream popularity after the release of Fallout 3, a revolutionary game in the series that changed the play style entirely.


Bethesda currently owns the rights to develop games under the Fallout license. Soon after acquiring this right, they licensed an MMO based on the Fallout series. Sadly, legal disputes with Interplay resulted in the MMORPG never evolving beyond its beta stage. It has been revived as a completely different project Mayan Apocalypse, which has no relation to Fallout.


  • Interplay Entertainment
  • Black Isle Studios
  • Micro Forte
  • Bethesda Game Studios
  • Obsidian Entertainment


  • Interplay Entertainment
  • 14 Degrees East
  • Bethesda Softworks

Game ListEdit

Main GamesEdit

Year Game Platforms
1997 Fallout MS-DOS, MS Windows, Mac OS, Mac OS X, OnLive
1998 Fallout 2 MS Windows, Mac OS, OnLive
2008 Fallout 3 MS Windows, Xbox 360, PS3
2010 Fallout New Vegas MS Windows, Xbox 360, PS3
2015 Fallout 4 MS Windows, PS4, Xbox one


Year Game Platforms
2001 Fallout: Tactics MS Windows, OnLive
2004 Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel PS2, Xbox

Unreleased GamesEdit

Game Platforms
Fallout Extreme Xbox, PS2
Van Buren Unknown
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2 PS2
Fallout Online MS Windows