(This page is unfinished. please help finish.) Minecraft is a multi-platform game that uses a 3d version of pixel art. (blocks)

Players mine elements and materials to build structures and craft new items. This also includes brewing potions, enchanting items, and making new materials.

The main enemies called mobs include: endermen, creepers, zombies, skeletons, spiders, cave spiders and various others. The player can get valuable items that these monsters drop once defeated.

Animals include: pigs, cows, sheep, chicken, horses, squid and others. they can supply food to cure your hunger on the players hunger bar.

Health is shown as a bar of hearts. these go down when a player is hurt.

Caves are a valuable source of resources in the form of ore.

There are two other main realms in minecraft.

1. The Nether

The nether is a great place for resources, But not for your health bar. Many dangerous mobs and even magma can mean demise for players.

2. The end

The end is an island in the middle if a void. It is where endermen are from and is made of end stone. To "beat" the game you have to first beat the ender dragon. The ender dragon's health is replenished by crystals on obsidian pillars. These can ( very difficulty ) be destroyed to make killing the ender dragon easier. Once defeated, the ender dragon reverts to an egg at the top of a bedrock pillar. At the bottom of this is a portal back to the main world. Once through, you will spawn a significant distance from your previous spawn point, forcing the player to restart.

A few mobs to be on the watch for

1. The Killer Bunny (Rarely you will see a rabbit with red eyes going upwards)

2.Creeper- (A green creature that will blow up. Notch clams that it's related to the plant peat )

Fact: The creeper design is the design Notch got when he tried to create a pig

Creepers do not make sound like other mobs and will fizz then explode(suicide) when it get close to a player

3.Zombie (A typical zombie. On hard mode they can break down doors. They can also wear your armor after you die. They can be found wearing armor and using weapons.)

4.Skeleton (A bow wielding Skeleton. If you die they'll pick up your armor and a weapon. You can also find them already wearing armor and using a sword.)

5. Enderman (A tall black figure. If you look at their eye's they will get mad and kill you. They can pick up blocks off the ground. They are known for having the power to teleport.)